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When I tell the short version of my story of how I came to be involved in these fantastical passions I mention writing as my origin. I had a voraciously creative mind as a child that always came to fruition as short stories and drawings which would later become research and reporting.

It takes up so much of my energy, to write. I hope it wasn’t the writing so much as the deadlines and writing about subjects I didn’t care about. I’d been writing for nearly seven years, for school and later my career, and as my hobby. I look back and it's hard to believe I lasted so long.

 To explore Ghana and write about whatever I wanted was a true fantasy.

To explore Ghana and write about whatever I wanted was a true fantasy.

Amidst the countless pieces that exist buried in a broken computer, I remember one instance of truly enjoying what I was writing; my blog of my three month stay in Ghana. Now, five years later I had written about anything that I liked well enough and would get published. I realized relatively quickly that the version of this writing practice was draining. The writing didn’t give me joy and I should pursue things that did.

I made a conscious decision to stop writing entirely. I took all of that energy and directed it elsewhere, to a part of my life that had been long neglected - the horses.

To be a horse obsessed child was a difficult path, and I definitely did not choose it. I worked through a lot of personal doubt to start riding again but once I did, I knew I had to start making choices to ensure horses were in my life forever.

In a similar mindset to producing worthwhile writing, the human ego needs to be suppressed or entirely quashed in order to produce a sincere relationship to the horse. To shift focus from the result to the process and journey can bring the most satisfaction between the horse and human.

When I met the falcons, I had a paralleled experience with them as I did with the horses. I observed silently from afar, worked hard to get time with them, and then made the decision to change my life to keep them in it forever.

I intend to share the journey of attaining the skills needed to live a life fully dedicated to the animals and the sport that we enjoy with them. I’ll produce educational content as I learn it myself, art collaborations with other creators, personal reflections on this specific journey I’m on, the deeply historical partnership of horses, falcons and archery.


To ride and shoot a bow is something that can be developed to a unique personalized skillset. No two mounted archers will shoot the same. Photo by Gillian Weber Leedham Photography

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